Comparison of dcc Network Management and delos standalone

On this page, you can find a function overview table with the management and configuration options for devolo WiFi pro devices – based on whether you access is through dcc Network Management or over the respective device website. 

Overview of functions

Function dcc Network Management delos websites
Obtain IPv4 address from DHCP server Yes Yes
Static IPv4 address Yes Yes
Multiple SSIDs Yes Yes
SSID at 2.4 GHz, 5 GHz or dualband Yes Yes
Security: None/WPA2 Personal/WPA2 Enterprise Yes Yes
RADIUS server Yes Yes
Security: WPA/WPA2 Personal No Yes
SSID visible/hidden Yes Yes
Allow/prohibit communication between clients Yes Yes
Static VLAN for each SSID Yes Yes
Dynamic VLANs No Yes
Maximum clients for each SSID No Yes
Blocking of clients with 802.11b (legacy) Yes Yes
Channel fixed/automatic Yes Yes
Channel width 20/40/80 MHz Yes Yes
Max. transmitting power Yes Yes
Minimum base data rate Yes Yes
Band steering Yes Yes
MAC address filter (white/black list) Yes No
DHCP server Yes No
Guest splash pages Yes No
Event trigger Yes No
Vouchers for guest splash pages Yes No
Configure SSIDs for multiple devices at the same time Yes No
Organise devices by locations and groups Yes No
Device websites Yes (status and local functions) Yes
SNMP v1/v2/v3 Yes (local) Yes
Disable services Yes (local) Yes
SSH access Yes (local) Yes
Listing of clients Yes No
Status overview Yes Yes
Statistics over the last 30 days Yes No
Events (syslog) Yes (local) Yes
Remote syslog Yes Yes
Events via e-mail Yes No
Configuration from anywhere Yes No