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In this area, adjust the e-mail and notification settings for each customer account. 

To get to this page, proceed as follows:

  1. Select the desired customer account in the Network Management account summary by clicking the corresponding table row. You are in the location overview, which may have multiple created locations.
  2. Now, click the global more_horiz pull-down menu in the top right corner of the window.
  3.  Select the General Notifications menu item.​

Notification settings

Here you can specify whether or at what time period you want to receive notifications about events concerning the customer account: 

Device warnings are switched on/switched off   configure whether you want to receive device notifications. If this option is switched on, also specify a time period within which you want to be notified: 

  • Start Time and End Time – Allowed Days on which you want to receive notifications. 

info If you set the Start time as well as the End time to Zero (= 0:00 h), the device warnings are set to 24 hours and you will receive the notifications all day. 

  • Permitted days – Days on which you want to receive the device notifications.

info A notification is only sent promptly for an event that takes place in the specified time period. Events that take place outside the specified time period are ignored, i.e. e-mails are not collected.


save Confirm your entries with Save.