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The e-mail addresses of the guests who connected using their splash page are displayed on this page. 

  • If you have the Only internal option selected in the Splash page -> Collect e-mail addresses -> Newsletter Capture Type area or 
  • If you defined the Social option in the Splash page -> Type of access area.  

info No newsletter can be generated/sent and no external newsletter service providers have access to the e-mail addresses of the guests.

To get to this page, proceed as follows:

  1. Select the desired customer account in the Network Management account summary by clicking the corresponding table row. You are in the location overview, which may have multiple created locations.
  2. Now, click the global more_horiz pull-down menu in the top right corner of the window.
  3. Select the Audit menu item. This menu then opens on the left side of the widow.
  4. Click the E-mail menu item.


You can search for specific e-mails using the search search function. To do so, enter the name of the guest's e-mail address.

Set the desired time period within which the e-mails are to be displayed in the overview table by clicking date_range

​​Audits Emails Toolbar

E-mail overview

The e-mail addresses of the guests who connected using their splash page are displayed in this overview table (as described above). 

info If you have specified a display period (see date_range) , this is displayed above the table.  ​

Refresh the data in the table by clicking refresh

Audit Emails

The overview table contains the following information:

Added – Status of the e-mail

E-mail – Guest e-mail address designation

Type – Newsletter capture type (see Splash page -> Type of access -> Collect e-mail addresses)

Location – Name of the corresponding location

Action – The following options are available to you when you click the more_vert pull-down menu:

  • View Location – Displays the corresponding location.
  • Show device  – The guest's device is displayed.