dLAN® Hotspot

With its new dLAN® Hotspot, devolo Business Solutions is providing a solution with a smart design for secure WiFi hotspots. Small and medium-sized businesses can now offer their customers and guests Internet easily and—most importantly—with assured compliance with the law. That's because the dLAN® Hotspot makes risk-free WiFi possible and protects the operator against secondary liability (referred to as Störerhaftung under German law). Once and for all, the hotspot operator can avoid the risk of legal prosecution should a guest misuse the hotspot for illegal purposes, thanks to a simple consent form from the customer and the use of a VPN tunnel.

The dLAN® Hotspot default settings ensure easy, trouble-free operation of the WiFi hotspot. Tunnelling is used to transmit all data received from the guest automatically to the provider partner of the manufacturer devolo over the owner's Internet connection. The provider takes care of any existing legal issues. The WiFi user is automatically prompted to agree to the general terms and conditions during the log-in process. Everything is very straightforward, happens in real time and without the need for the owner of the dLAN® Hotspot to take any action.

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