dcc Credits

Your currency in the devolo connectivity center:

The credit is the currency for the use of paid services in the devolo connectivity center.

A free one-month trial period (1 calendar month after the first of the following month) of the network management area in the devolo connectivity center is included when you purchase a WiFi pro access point. After the free trial period expires, you can unlock additional services using credits.

Billing using credits:

Services are billed automatically in the devolo connectivity center using your credit balance based on the following principle:

  • One access point in one calendar month = 1 credit
  • Two access points in one calendar month = 2 credits
  • Etc.
  • One access point for two calendar months = 2 credits
  • Two access points for six calendar months = 12 credits
  • Etc.

The devolo connectivity center checks the inventory of added devices and automatically charges the appropriate number of devices based on your credit balance on the first of each month.

Adding to your credit balance:

You can add to your credit balance at any time in the devolo connectivity center using one or more balance codes. To do this, open the dcc Credits tile and click the add_circle_outline icon. There, enter your code (for example: AL5E-359K-U7E6-8MVF) in the Code field.